The Impact of Aging and Age Diversity on Vita Needle Expansion Performance
Report By: Osman Kudsi (0886999), Jurre Veelers (0889056), Zhiwei Chen (0883114)

Introduction and problem definition
he last few years a lot has changed within the world of business like companies and organizations. Also the people working at these companies have become a great asset in today’s competitive advantages. However in order to maintain or improve these competitive advantages it is important for companies to consider their diversity management within the organization. Diversity management can be defined as “Acquiring the necessary knowledge and dynamic skills to manage such differences appropriately and effectively. It is also about developing a creative mind-set to see things from different angles without rigid prejudgment” (Ting-Toomey and Chung, 2005) Basically it means that employees should show recognition and respect towards other employees in order to foster and maintain a positive workplace environment. Part of diversity management is the age of employees within the organization. Age diversity is accepting all age groups within the workforce of a company. As the article explains that foreseeable demographic changes should not be considered as a threat but should be treated as a treasure if we change it properly.
Therefore we as consultants were hired by ‘Vita Needle’ which is located in Boston, U.S.A. Vita Needle is a producer of Needle and probes for different industries. They are facing a problem regarding their culture of hiring a comparatively senior workforce consisted of retirees. The current average age of the workforce in Vita Needle has been of great benefit for this company so far, mainly because of the routine job roles of the company's operations and as stated in the article firm productivity is higher whenever the age heterogeneity is lower. However the article also discusses the decline of the firm’s productivity whenever tasks require...