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Executive summary:

                    We are conducting this research to find out the factors that effecting sales of Rahimafrooz IPS service.   Sales might decrease due to the environmental context related to the business. So we will analyze the industry‚Äôs environmental context first.

                    As we need to determine the factors of sales decrease, we will also collect the information about the recent perception of the customers.

                  We will do the exploratory research to find out the insights and findings about the customers perception on the IPS service through questionnaire surveys.

                    Data will be collected through a reliable team which is trained by us and we can assure that they will perform their job accurately. We will personally monitor the team constantly and will supervise them to ensure the quality of the survey.

                  We will use Frequency distribution method and simple cross-tabulation method to analyze data.

                  We will give a hard copy of the final report with elaborate discussions and hypothesis and a soft copy of presentation. We will also make a formal presentation of the research paper in front of the manager so that he can understand all the issues and clarify the problems.


                  To find out the sales decrease factors of Rahimafrooz IPS service, we will analyze the factors which impact on sales. Sales might decrease due to the environmental context related to the business. So to find out the reasons, we will analyze the industry past information and forecast of trends of sales, market share, profitability, demographics etc.

                    We will also analyze the availability of resources and constraints, objectives of the organization and objectives of the manager, Buyer behavior, Legal and economic environment, and...