BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma |
Unit 33: The Impact of Communications Technology on Business |
Taha Naqvi |
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Use the internet for different types of business activities
A search engine is a very useful way to find research online if you know how to properly use it.
When looking for research on a search engine there are a couple of steps you need to take;

1. Use a SM search term (specific, measurable)
2. Open the results and read if the data shown is the data     you looked for. (accuracy)
3. If yes, check if the source is reliable, reliable sources are;
Government statistics.
University reports.
Research organizations like CBS.
Sources that are absolutely not reliable are organizations like:
Businesses selling something in the area of the information given (they will make the information look positive towards the products/ services they are selling or dealing with.
Intermediary sites
An intermediary is a third party that delivers services between two trading parties. (Like B2C B2B or C2B) the intermediary offers honest feedback
Email operations as a promotion for your business;
Email operations are an effective part of your business’ marketing strategy. They communicate and build relationships with target audience, gather important information.
How to make a successful email campaign
Target audience - To create an effective email campaign, you must pay close attention to your target audience and the message you’re delivering in order to make your email relevant.
SMART objectives – What’s the main aim of your email campaign? Do you want to raise awareness of your product or service, generate leads and sales or enhance customer retention? Designing a campaign with your objective in mind will ensure your campaign has a purpose.
Keep it personal – Personalizing your emails can be very effective when trying to engage and create an emotional connection with your audience. Try to...