Assignment- Contractual Allowances, Grouping Revenue and Expenses Part 2

HCA270 Health Care Finance PART II - Grouping Revenue by Payer Source

Background: The Metropolis Health System (MHS) has got income resources from operations, contributio income. The income from operations is mainly earned for services. MHS sets its revenue 1st by cost cent center, the service income is then arranged by payer.

Directions: For every scenario, enter an X in the column which shows the proper income resources for the scenarios are the following: (1) Covered patient had in vitro fertilization carried out. Services not insured under patient's insurance cov (2) Patient accepted to emergency room through the city jail. The emergency room visit was invoiced to th (3) Pathology checks carried out and invoiced to employee’s insurance plan. (4) Emergency room visits and subsquent admission billed to member's preferred plan organization plan. (5) An intensive care system visit was invoiced to a local health program. (6) Number of allergy checks run for entitled Medicaid beneficiary. (7) Outpatient operation carried out and invoiced to Tricare Prime. (8) Baby labor and delivery invoiced to Blue Cross Blue Shield. (9) Mammogram carried out and invoiced to Medicare beneficiary. (10) Urgent visit for patient not insured. # Medicare Medicaid Other Public Patients Programs 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 x x

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r Source

s from operations, contributions, and interest s its revenue 1st by cost center. In each cost

oper income resources for the item. The 10

under patient's insurance coverage. y room visit was invoiced to the prison.

erred plan organization plan.

Commercial Insurance

Managed Care Contracts

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