Assignment 306

Assignment 306 – Task A
  1. Explain the type and function of assessment.

The reason why assessment exists is to allow the teacher to see if learning has taken place. Teachers will be able to identify if learners have gained the required knowledge, skills or understanding required for their programme of learning. Learners can also demonstrate their progress and may have the opportunity to receive feedback to help them see the progress they have made and address any issues of where they may be gaps in learning.
The types of assessment are formal, informal, initial, formative, summative and holistic.
  * Formal assessment is a planned and structured assessment that could be conducted under exam conditions. Learners will be aware that they are under assessment.
  * Informal assessment can take place at any time that teachers are in contact with their learners. Informal assessment may not be required as part of course specification but can be a good way to assess that learning is taking place and what progress has been made.
  * Initial assessments take place at the beginning of learning. It should give the teacher information regarding the learner’s needs and requirements and whether they may need any further support. It can also be used to assess the learners current skill and knowledge and whether they are on the correct course.
  * Formative assessments take place continually throughout the learner’s course. Formative assessment are generally informal and are usually devised by the teacher. They help review progress and identify any areas where support may be needed.
  * Summative assessments take place at the end of learning. Summative assessments are generally formal and are devised by the awarding body that accredits the qualification.
  * Holistic assessments is where several aspects of the qualification or unit is assessed at the same time. It is a more efficient and quicker method as one good quality piece of evidence can be used to cover...