Assignment 303 Task B Diversity and Equality

Assignment 303   Task B  

Design a leaflet on diversity equality and inclusion

A guied to help you understand what is meant by working in an equal,diverse,inclusive and non discriminateing way in Health and Social Care.

EQUALITY :- Every individual to be given the same oppurtunities. (NO favouritisium.)
DIVERSITY :- Recogniseing no 2 individuals are the same. ( Religion,Beleifs and Values)
INCLUSION:-   Every individual to be included to participate with out restrictions regardless of disability,age race,sex,religion or gender.
DISCRIMINATION :- NOT Labelling or sterotypeing due to diffrences of ,Age, Race,Religion,Sex,Gender or Disability.

The law have put together The equality act 2010 this a legal frame work of legislations that protects   against unlawful discrimination and protects the human rights of individuals. Promotes a more fairer safe society,Where everyone is given equal rights and oppurtunities.

The essential standards of quality these allow individuals to be involved and told about all stages of their care.

Codes of practice are national care standards that protect the rights and promotes the intrest of both carere and service user. It sets out a frame work of what is expected when working in health and social care.

Polices and procedures are a set of rules and guidelines that the organisation have in place to promote good working practice with in the enviroment.

Failing to follow legislations and codes of practice that are in   place to protect the rights of all individuals could lead to concequences. This can be damageing to the employer,employee and sercvice user.
This means:-
  Give the organisation a bad name , poor reports of service given.
  Poor inspection reports
  Disciplinary action for carer , loss of job
  Prosecution, being fined.
  Distress for service user and families.
  Poor quality of care and wellbeing of individuals.
  Person centered care not met.
  Poor working practices observed by...