Assignment 302

Assignment 302
Task A Guidance You are going to be a mentor for a new social care worker as part of their introduction process. Part of your role is to help them prepare for the review after their probation period.

Ai Create a guide for the new social care worker about how to reflect on their practice. The guide must include the headings listed with an explanation of each.
a) What is reflective practice?
- Is a way of studying your own experiences to improve the way you work. It is very useful for health professionals who want to carry on learning throughout their lives. The act of reflection is a great way to increase confidence and become a more proactive and qualified professional.
b) Why is reflective practice important?
- effecting on your practise is important as it can help you to focus on what you have done well and identify areas you may need to improve I.e. It may make you consider new approaches or make you consider learning more or beginning new courses in relevant subjects.   You can use reflective practice to improve the quality of the service you provide by thinking about a task you previously completed and asking yourself: What could have been done better? & how will I do that task next time?
c) How reflective practice contributes to improving the quality of service provision.
- It provides the ability to challenge the current methods and enables the exploration of how the practice could be approached differently. Without reflection, cares are not able to look objectively at their actions or take into account the emotions, experience or consequences of actions to improve their practice.
d) How standards can be used to help a social care worker reflect on their practice.
- Through the process of reflection, cares are held accountable to the standards of practice which are used as a framework for all reflective thinking and practitioning.

Aii You arrange a mentor meeting to feed back to the social care worker. You have comments to...