Assignment 301 Leaflet

Leaflet for new member of staff
Assignment 301: Understanding roles, responsibilities and relationships in
education and training
Roles and Responsibilities of the teaching and training role (Ref 3.1)
As a Trainer at Humanware Europe, your role is to inspire learners to understand the subject being taught. As a trainer in this organisation you will need to apply a variety of teaching and learning methods, whether this is in the workplace, in school or other environments.   It is paramount that learning is taking place during your training sessions and that what you train on actively involves and engages your learners.   You need to act professionally at all times and comply with any legislation, regulatory requirements and codes of practices.   Your ultimate aim is to enable each learner to achieve to the best of their ability through working in a safe and supportive environment.   This can be achieved by planning, preparing and introducing different training methods. Your role is not just about teaching or preparing learners for assessment, you will be responsible to ensure that learners are on the correct course, in terms of meeting their needs, abilities and objectives and that any barriers foreseen are overcome.  

The Teaching, Learning and Assessment Cycle
The diagram below represents the Teaching, Learning and Assessment Cycle, taken from page 3 of “The Award in Education and Training”, by Gravells)
The Teaching cycle can be started at any stage and should be a continuing requirement throughout the learning journey.  
Identification of Needs – identify the needs of your learners so you can plan and design the course to reflect individual differences. This is a continuing requirement throughout the learning journey. Individual learning plans may be required.
Planning and Design – preparing session plans and resources / materials to cover the requirements of the training session. Ensure that the learning outcomes, aim and objectives for the course are...