Assignment 301 Aet

Mentors handbook for new Tutors


Emma Schofield
  *   This handbook has been design to assist mentors within HTA to support new members of staff.

The follow areas will be covered in this booklet and as a mentor it is your responsibility to expand on and use them accordingly as a guide:
  * Teaching role and responsibilities in education and training
  * The teaching role and working with other professionals
  * Boundaries between the teaching role and other professionals and points of referral
  * Key aspects of legislation, codes of conduct and regulatory requirements

  * teaching role and responsibilities in education and training

Welcome to the Childcare team! You will be working in a small group of tutors visiting learners in workplace settings such as nursery’s and schools. There may be occasions when learners will come to the office for extra tuition.
A tutors roles and responsibilities are to teach in an engaging manner, using a variety of teaching methods to motivate and encourage learners to want to know more.
In your role as a Childcare tutor you have a responsibility to ensure the learners gain the appropriate qualification in a manner that meets their learning needs.
To do this you are responsible for the initial paperwork at sign up. This paperwork will tell us the level of the students’ knowledge, interests, learning styles and previous qualifications.
Prior to each visit you will ensure you have prepared an appropriate lesson plan using HTAs guidelines specific to your leaner.

  * Identifying needs – the organisations, your own, and potential learners’ needs, carrying out initial assessments, agreeing individual learning plans.

  * Planning learning – preparing a scheme of work, session plans and teaching and learning materials to ensure the requirements of the syllabus are covered, liaising with others....