Assignment 3 Nutrition

Unit 21- Assignment 3

In this assignment i am going to be showingt the difference between pregnant women and young adult(female) with the vitamins, calories and minerals etc that their bodies intake. As shown above the units on the table show the difference for both types of people in ther development stages.
The first topic i am going to analyse is Calories as it is shown above that pregnant women need to have 2200 calories and a female young adult needs to have 2000. This is showing that as the female young adult is developing and the pregnant women is developing a baby to born they have a little difference of calorie intake. Also pregnant women only need to intake another 200 calories a day than what they should normally have as this is enough for them to develop their growth for the babies birth. Pregnant women need more calories because they need to gain the right amount of weight to maintain a healthy pregnancy. If a pregnant women gains too much weight she is more likely to have a longer labour and this can mean pain would last longer. Also it means that once she has given birth it will be more difficuilt for her to go back to her normal weight and get rid of the extra fat. A young adult needs only 2110 as this is the correct amount for them to develop within growth. However even though this is suggested amount it varies on how physically active the person is on how much energy they require to intake. A healthy diet is needed but not too much fatty or sugary foods as this barely contains nutrients for their body to develop in growth. I gathered all this information from the links below.
Carbohydrates is the next topic i am going to compare for pregnant women and female young adults and then explain why they have a difference or similarity. As it is shown above in the table that both types of...