Assignment 203 Client Care and Communications in Beauty Related Industries

Assignment 203
Client care and communication
In beauty related industries


Task 1: Produce a fact sheet                                                   page
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Task 1: Produce a fact sheet

The importance of;

  * Using effective communication to identify client needs and expectations

It is important to listen inventively to clients and have good verbal and non-verbal (body language). This can include talking in a positive tone of voice and terminology the client understands, using manners where applicable, waiting for the client to finish speaking before answering questions. For none verbal communication this includes body language and hand gestures, posture, facial expressions etc. so you must remember to not slouch or hunch over, look polite, don’t use hand gestures or ‘talk with your hands’ to excessively, and keep eye contact whilst communicating with the customer - (but be careful not to stare at the client as this may make them feel uncomfortable). Whilst communicating you must show understanding, enthusiasm and interest in what they desire and expect from the treatment (using both open and closed questions at the appropriate times can be very beneficial, the more you let the customer explain the better your understanding of their expectations)   and if necessary- provide the customer with visual aids. This can include using pictures, posters, demonstrations, videos etc. (anything the customer can see) this way you can build a confident, trusting relationship with the client, prepare your working space, plan your treatment and create the results the client wants. You must also be aware of interpersonal space. This will result in client satisfaction and will not only prevent the client from complaining but will also ensure they come back for further treatments or perhaps recommend your business, thus resulting in an increase in your profits,...