Assignment 203 Beauty Therapy Level 2

Client Care and Communication in Beauty Related Industries

Assignment 203 Client care and communication in beauty related industries

Task 1

State the importance of

  1. Using effective communication to identify client needs and expectations
  2. Providing the client with clear advice and recommendations
  3. Client confidentiality in line with the Data Protection Act
  4. Communication techniques when supporting retail opportunities
  5. Client feedback and responding constructively

        • Describe the term “personal space”
        • State how to refer and assist with client complaints.

State the importance of using effective communication to identify client needs and expectations

It is very important to identify client needs and expectations before any treatment and advice given. It can be recognised, when you carry out a consultation, by using your communication techniques such as verbal and non-verbal to find out their treatment objective correctly.

Verbal communication:

Always use effective communication techniques with your client. When meeting a client make eye contact, smile and greet them cheerfully, even though if your own day is bad.   When you talk to your client directly face to face or over the phone, make sure you speak clearly and do not repeat yourself.   It is important to be a good listener, which will help you to identify the client’s service needs and understand their personality. When you listen give all your attention so the client knows you are listening and listen carefully and try to understand what they are saying.   That’s how you will be able to answer properly. Avoid interrupting the client while they are speaking, listen carefully and be patient. Also avoid using technical words, which your client do not understand.
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