Assignment 2 Eng 101

Assignment 2 “The Psychology of Writing” (Lesson 2) Now that you have learned a little about the internal and external factors that influence how you compose your thoughts, write an essay in which you describe your own writing process. Tell of a specific writing assignment, one that might have been related to your career or your personal or academic life. Describe what the assignment was and explain how you moved through the planning to the reviewing process. The paper should be about 300 words long—longer if necessary.

      Recently I have completed my tour as a First Sergeant and have been moved to the S3 Shop.   The S3 shop is where the planning of operations happens. We assist the S3 who is a member of the Battalion Commander’s Staff. In the S3 we must understand the Commander’s intent as well as the next higher Commander’s intent in order to write orders and FRAGOs in such a way that the subordinate unit (Companies) Commanders understand the Mission. This requires a clear and concise stated message that everyone can understand.

      Several steps must happen before the operation order is even written. The first step in this process is to have a meeting where all the commander’s primary staff and section NCOIC conduct the MDMP (Military Decision Making Process). We collectively discuss the mission or requirement to insure that all staff members understand what is required. From there we identify what is needed to successful meet all requirements and also assign who will do those tasks.   From there we will come up with at least two COAs (Course of actions) to brief to the Battalion Commander. After the Commander has been briefed and made the decision on what COA will be used then the Operation orders will be written. I am responsible for writing the various OPORDS and FRAGOS that comprise the orders process in the military.

      I receive the COA that will be used to accomplish the mission or objective and must be able to write in such a way...