Assignment 1

Unit 1

1a. Children do not develop at the same rate; however the sequence in which they do develop is very similar.   Development occurs at a very rapid rate during the early years and slows as the child becomes older.
Physical Development
Birth | At birth a baby has certain reflexes in order to survive:Swallowing and sucking – these ensure the baby can feed a swallow milk.Rooting reflex – a baby moves its head to find a nipple or teat if their cheek or mouth is brushed.Grasp reflex – if an object is placed on a babies palm, it will wrap its fingers around the object.Startle reflex – babies will throw their arms out with clenched fists if they hear a sudden noise or see bright light.Walking and standing reflex – a baby will make stepping movements if held upright with their feet touching a surface. |
0-6 months | Lift and turn their heads towards sound and movement.Smile at familiar faces and voices.Grab and shake a rattle.Hold their feet when lying on their backs.Look for and explore objects.Sit with support. |
6-12 months | Sit alone.Roll over from their tummy to their back.Begin to crawl or bottom shuffle.Hold on to furniture to stand up.Pass toys from hand to hand.Raise their arms to be lifted up.Turn and look when they hear their name. |
1-2 years | Start to walk.Feed themselves.Wave goodbye.Make noises or point to what they would like.Crawl upstairs.Use thumb and fingers to grip.Build small tower of blocks.Make markings with crayons on paper.Bang objects together.Begin to show a preference for a particular hand. |
2-3 years | Run and climb.Throw and kick.Pedal a tricycle.Pour.Build large tower of blocks. |
3 years | Walk upstairs on alternate feet.Jump with feet together.Walk on tiptoes.Paint.Start to use a knife and fork more confidentially.Thread beads on string. |
4 years | Use scissors.Pedal.Throw with more accuracy.Hold a pencil and draw basic objects. |
5-7 years | Kick and control a ball.Catch a ball.Hop.Use a pencil with more...