Assignment 1

The contribution I can give towards a percussion instrument (appendix 1) lesson for 7 years is:
  prepare and set out the resources
  set out the materials as directed by the teacher
  making sure there is enough resources for everyone
  prepare the materials ahead of time
as well as all this, I have to make sure the learning environment for the children is organised with safety, comfort and security to all the pupils and to also make sure that the environment and resources are ready to use when needed.
When the lesson has begun I can then encourage the children to use different items to make different sounds and to set tasks and encourage the children to work in groups.
  Encourage exploration, experimentation and discovery.
  Promote action and interaction.
  And being organised to support independent use.

My role in maintaining, using and organising the learning resources and equipment would be to:
  checking the condition of the equipment before and after use.
  Alerting the teaching of any damages and losses to the learning resources.
  Reporting to the teacher if there is not enough learning resources for all the class to participate.
  For safety of the children maintaining the quality of the resources and also making sure there is enough quantity.
I may have to demonstrate to the children how they use the instruments and the different ways to make different noises.

To be an effective role model for the children to promote the behaviour that is expecting from the children is to show good interaction with all of the children.
Giving positive praise, encouragement and support to the children to show them how the ideas are valued and respected. This encourages children to do the same to their peers and helps build their own self esteem.
Being patient with the children and listening to them and taking interest in what have to say will encourage them to trust you but to also been like this with their peers as well....