Assignment 1

Ptlls Assignment 1

Review what you role, responsibilities and boundaries as a teacher would be in terms of the teaching/training cycle.

This review is to examine teachers' role and responsibilities in relation to a teaching and learning cycle model.   The model consists of a number of stages:   identify learners' needs, plan/design of delivery, implement, assess learners and evaluate. For boundaries to examine expected behaviour and classroom ground rules.

As professionals, teachers should have the means and competencies to identify learners' needs and how to support them. Teachers may need to carry out initial assessment to identify learning style, learning difficulties and any required additional support. Also teachers need to know the extents/limits/boundaries of this process. For example, in normal class time it wouldn’t be feasible for teachers to provide special need; therefore it may be necessary to cater for a specialist assistant with expertise to support those learners.

At planning stage teachers develop schemes of work, lesson plans and teaching material and other resources, therefore it is teachers’ professional responsibility to facilitate access, by other teachers, to those resources when required (e.g. when they are absent). Also at the planning and designing stage of the cycle, it is the responsibility of teachers to develop class profile to assists other teachers to learn about learners’ style and any other useful background information that facilitates learning. But we need to keep in mind the limits to how much detail a teacher can provide to assist other teacher for an effective delivery in the case of a class cover.

During the facilitation/implementation stage of the cycle and in order to facilitate effective learning teachers’ role/responsibility is to, for example, employ range of delivery methods meeting different learners’ learning style. There is wide range of teaching methods and it is the teachers’ responsibility to choose...