Assignment 1

Leadership and Management for Care Services.

I have only recently begun in my current job role, so I still have a lot of knowledge and experience to learn. This includes knowledge about different legal requirements, how to manage a staff team more effectively how to get the best out of them, and how to make these reflect on the health and well being of the Service User’s and there final outcome. I am hoping to expand on the skills that I already have to make me into a better manager for the staff I work with and the Service user’s I help to support.
One of my jobs is to do the working rota. I try to the best of my ability to ensure that the rota is done making sure that it reflects on the strengths and weaknesses of the staff on shift, and mixed capabilities of staff. Making sure that when delegating jobs I know the staff teams abilities and delegating the certain jobs to the staff member who I know will bring the best possible ending to the task in hand.
Supervising the staff, and listening and acting on any problems or concerns they may have. Holding regular team meetings so that all staff have a chance to de-brief and iron out any issues that have arose. Also making sure that Health and Safety in the home is aspects monitored and checked on a regular basis.
Each month I do monthly management monitoring over different aspects around the home, from Health and Safety to Service user’s care plans. This helps me to have an overall insight month to month on what the home does well and where it could do better in certain areas. Constantly assessing the home to see if there are any areas that need improving or adapting, listening and reflecting on the opinions of the staff and the Service users whilst I am doing so.
I interview prospective new staff members, making sure that they are fully suitable for the job role, hold all the relevant qualifications and also pass all the necessary legal checks. Once these have been authorised and the staff member...