Assignment 1.

Stephen Martin.   Assignment 1.

The main role of a Teacher is Education.   It is the teachers responsibility to impart their knowledge
across to the class before them.   A programme/structure of the lesson, as in, organising your objectives into a logical and progressive order.  
To keep lessons flowing punctuality and discipline must be maintained.   Persistent lateness or unruly students should be curtailed at the earliest opportunity as this is disruptive and unfair to the other students.
When conducting lessons it is always better and more productive to use 'Plain English'.   Too much technical jargon or too many acronyms can leave some of the students 'all at sea' and constant requests for clarification will slow the lesson up .   It is also important to include the whole class.   Not all students learn at the same rate so you must be sure that everyone has understood the meaning of what you have said.
Make yourself presentable and approachable.   A smart and tidy appearance will garner respect and put students   at ease if they feel the need for a one to one chat.
Make the venue/classroom user friendly.   Arrange desks/furniture, where possible, in such a way that every student can see/hear what you are saying or demonstrating, and always leave the venue in a clean and tidy order for whoever uses it after.
Put some time aside for any student who would like clarification of anything but would   feel more comfortable doing this one to one.
Starting a lesson with a quick re-cap of the previous session should ease the students into the continuation of the subject in question.
Other teaching responsibilities include making sure attendance records are complete and kept up to date.   Also keeping a record of each students progress and if needs be adapt to meet their individual needs.   Attendance at staff meetings should be adhered to.   This is where you can keep abreast of any changes in procedure and discuss with colleagues the best way...