Assignment 1


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  1. Explain own role and responsibilities and boundaries of own role as a teacher

As a teacher the future of the learner placed in your care rest on you shoulder. The role of a teacher is always changing over time there fore as a teacher your need to stay aware of these changes. When dealing with learners depending on the circumstance you may have to play more than one role. They include the following

PLANNER: its going to be your responsibility as a teacher to plan your lesson prior to. In order to have a structure when teaching. This also helps to to make best use of your time and deliver to meet the required learning outcome

Role model: Because you are passing on knowledge and some times skills to learner, some of them will look up to you as their role model. It’s therefore vital that you portray the right image to them in order to avoid misleading them. This calls for a teacher to have acceptable morals.

Identify the needs of your learner and try to meet them with in your means. This is the importance of always carrying out the initial assessment of your learners/. Because it’s during this time that you identify the needs of your learner and work towards meeting them. The teacher therefore has to treat learners as individuals and where necessary will have to refer them to the appropriate people if, the learners need is beyond their jurisdiction. The needs of your learners will also have an impact on your lesson plan and scheme of work. which will include their needs in order to realize the intended learning outcomes.

Assessor:   is the teachers responsibility to ensure that after delivering a session ,you find out whether the intended out come has been met by your learners. Also this helps to confirm whether their knowledge has been developed plus skills. This can be done through for example asking them for feedback after...