Assignment 1

Running head: Sweets and More Inc. 1

Sweets and More Inc.
Danette L Robinson
Marketing Management (MKT 500)
Dr. Thomas Matula
February 1, 2016

The assignment is aimed at creating a comprehensive marketing plan for a made up company. This marketing plan is for Sweets and More Inc. Sweets and more is a company in the dessert industry. Celebrities have endorsed quite a number of healthy lifestyle products and supply is therefore the most fundamental bit of ensuring that they reach the intended market. Sweets and More comes into bridge the gap created between manufacturers, consumers, and the target market. The products are branched into three broad categories, which are, desserts, specialty recipes, and produces bakeware. The company operates in a dynamic and competitive business environment. . The competitive, political, economic, social-cultural, legal, and technological forces affect the activities of the company. The marketing plan targets a wide range of consumers. It will be located in Miami, FL. This area is primed for a business that wants to make a change. The company’s products are favorable to their health. Therefore, the branding strategy on the company will focus on health concerns.
The company can capitalize on its strengths and opportunities to achieve a high completive advantage. On the other, the threats and weaknesses should be kept at an extreme minimum level. Generally, the marketing plan seeks to expound on the significance of the company in the dessert market. The plan would provide an effective strategy for market penetration and sustaining the company’s competitive edge.
Develop an environmental analysis that includes competitive, economic, political, legal, technological, and sociocultural forces.
Conducting an environmental analysis of an organization or a business is considered a strategic tool. Environmental analysis details and identifies the internal and external factors which can affect the performance of the...