Assignment 1

Health and social care diploma 3   June 15

Task A


People communicate for many reasons and in different forms. Communication helps people be able to build relationships and to express their feelings, needs and concerns. People also use communication to comfort and resolve problems. Communication is needed to provide continuity and level of care.


When in an adult social care setting it is vital to have effective communication between all involved parties. Effective communication is important so we are able to pass   accurate and appropriate information between the people we are working with and other practitioners. This can decrease the possibility of risks and mistakes. This facilitates in us building a connected team delivering the correct level of continued care.
Using positive communication to interact with your service user helps you understand them, build a relationship and show you care and that you are there to help them with any issues and to reassure them. It ensures that their needs are met.


Method   How effective is this method  

1)   Talking /   Effective as some things will be obvious when talking but some may
observing   not be depending on mental capacity (maintaining the info) hearing
Service User   language etc. You should be able to find way to communicate. If there
there was a language barrier you could use non verbal communication.
2)   Speak to   Effective as family know the service user best.

3)   Careplan/   Effective if all information is correct and up to date then it should
history   contain everything you need.   But things can change  

I would use all 3 methods in order to gain full knowledge on the individual.


Cultural - People have differences in communication depending on their culture. Some cultures may not find some kinds of gestures and eye contact as appropriate for example.

Environment-The environment around you is important when communicating effectively. Things like...