Assignment 1

Ground rules are used to lay down order, responsibility and accepted behaviours amongst the patients. Ground rules are used because ‘all learners require boundaries and rules within which to work’ with which I agree with as we all need rules to work within yet they are used for other reasons such as to reduce anxiety and to increase a happy atmosphere. I could set some basic ground rules (No swearing, mobile phone off, having respect for others etc.) and include them in a booklet to read which is located in an easy to see location. Another way is to sit down with the patients and discuss the ground rules on their first visit and let them come up with their own ideas and discuss with others (allow them to repeat this back to you so you know they have understood correctly) - equality and diversity is used here by allowing the patients using their own initiative to create and express their own ground rules.
I consider my role as a Gym Session Tutor to be extremely rewarding whilst remaining firm with ground rules to promote a respectful sense of leadership within the environment. My role requires me to be a mentor or somebody to look up to; to support the patients using my learning style and setting clear ground rules will always receive a much appreciated response.
When a new patient is to arrive for their first gym session, I would give them a gym induction so I am able to work out their strengths and weaknesses as well as their learning style using Fleming’s (1987) aural, visual and kinaesthetic learning styles to further plan their future objectives. I would then find out their future aims which I would then help the patient work towards to fulfil their needs.
When planning my Gym sessions, I will always find out what the scheduled patient enjoys doing first, and set up the suitable equipment necessary to fulfil the patient’s needs. I include equality and diversity by using the Equality Act 2010 by not discriminating others or treating anybody different as I...