Assignment 1 – How Language Works


To maintain confidentiality, the learner I have selected for this assignment will be referred to as John.

John is a 30 year old single male, living at home with both parents.   He has a full time job in a distribution centre, employed as a forklift truck driver.   He has worked in this field for the last 12 years and in this particular company, for 3 years.   John was born in Coventry and has a brother who is two years older.   During early years at school, John and his brother, were described by teachers, as disruptive and badly behaved and both were excluded from normal classroom activities, spending much of the school day isolated from classmates and working alone.   John remembers this well and said that being excluded from the classroom at his first school damaged his confidence greatly.   At that young age, he was unable to explain to the teachers that he could not understand.   Whenever he tried, he was accused of being naughty.  

When John was 7 years old his parents moved to Bedworth, Warwickshire and John started at a new school.   Within weeks, the teachers identified that there was a problem with both brothers and they began assessments, including dyslexia testing.   Support was put into place and improvements in behaviour were soon seen.   John was diagnosed as dyslexic when he was 11 years old, which coincided with moving up to secondary school.   He had made good progress at junior school, with the additional support that had been provided and this continued throughout his secondary education. John was provided with a teaching assistant and additional resources, that were available to him.   Rice (2004:11) states that the term ‘dyslexia’ ‘is problematic; there are many definitions, with varying degrees of overlap’. He argues that it is not particularly helpful for teachers to distinguish between those who are dyslexic and those who are ‘ordinary poor readers’. John remembers his secondary education as being a very...