Assignment 023 Understanding Child and Young Person Development Task E

Task E (Amended)

Task E
Example of a Transition One possible effect on children and young people’s development The benefit of a positive relationship during this period of transition
Emotional: personal experiences, such as parents separating, bereavement, entering or leaving care. Depression: this may show in a number of ways: sadness, problems sleeping, crying and lack of appetite. Children need to be told of the reality of the situation. Make sure they do not feel responsible for what has happened. Do not exclude them – let them be part of the family. If a young person is it enter and leave care having a relationship with a carer/ support worker shows them being listened to and centre of attention. Support worker cannot always help a young person go through a transition smoothly, but they can help to ensure that the young person has the skills needed to build the emotional resilience to get them through it. Unsuccessful or incomplete transitions generally lead to poor outcomes for children and young people. Not getting the necessary support through difficult transitions also leaves a child vulnerable to learning unhealthy responses to events and situations.
Physical: Moving to a new educational setting, a new home or care setting. A sense of loss: each time they make a move, they lose the friends they have made and also any attachments formed with their carers. Ensure that the child or young person is at the centre of the process. By placing the child or young person at the centre, practitioners can ensure that the individual’s needs and preferences are respected throughout the process. Moving to a new educational setting forging a relationship with a teacher or teaching assistant will be beneficial. Any new situation involves the loss of the old, known one. The beginning of something new means the end of something old and vice versa. The more unstructured, strange or unexpected the new situation is the more disorientated and unable to cope we are...