Assignment 006 Understand the Principles and Practice of Assessment

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Assignment 006 Understand the principles and practice of assessment
Task A 15 Short Answer Questions
    1. | Initial Assessment is the first and is used to identify if the learner has any pre-existing competencies,   this includes any existing qualifications, prior experience in that field, you would also identify any specific learning needs or styles. Formative Assessment would be taken next and this identifies how the learner is retaining and progressing the knowledge that should be developed on the course. This can be done using tests or assessments which can be theoretical or practical depending on the requirements of the course and if needed a mixture of both dependant on the learner. Summative Assessment is done near the end of the course & is used to identify if the learner has developed themselves enough to be passed as competent in that particular field. This can be done through checking a coursework file or folder, final assessments that are theory or practical. If required the summative assessment can be a mixture of all three methods to show complete understanding by the learner. |
    2. | The general regulations & requirements that apply to assessment are equality & diversity, data protection, health & safety at work 1974 act, safeguarding and confidentiality. The regulations & requirements that are specific to the railway are control of substances hazardous to health, provision & use of work equipment regulations, manual handling regulations and noise regulations. |
    3. | Four assessment methods are observation, work product, testing & discussion. Observation is a good assessment method as you can see practically how well a learner can complete a given task to what standards you require. In reverse some learners may feel more pressure when under observation & this could negatively affect their performance. Work product is a good assessment method as...