Assigment 1 Sustainabliity

Effect of the natural environment from the construction industry
Task 1 (p1)
Features of the natural environment that could be affected:
• Air quality
• Ozone layer
• Soil quality and natural drainage
• Land scape
• Land use
• Green belt
• Agriculture
• Forestry
• Country side
• Heritage
• Water resources
• Water quality
• Marine environment
• Wildlife
• Natural resources
• Biodiversity
• Natural habitat

Air quality
The air quality will suffer as a result of construction works. Combustible pollutants are compounds produced by burning fuel. For example on a construction site, petrol and diesel engines would be used, which produce exhaust gases that pollute and affect the quality of the air. Other things that pollute and affect the quality of the air are dust produced by construction building and vehicles on site, the dust in the air makes it very think and hard to breathe in.

Ozone layer- ozone depletion due to CFC’s
Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s) are manmade ch3emicals. CFC’s are used in propellants in aerosols, as well as cooling gasses in fridges and freezers. They are also found in air conditioning units, foam products and cleaning solvent which can be found on construction sites. CFC’s released into the atmosphere have damaged the ozone layer meaning more UV light can reach the earth.
UV radiation can cause the following:
• Sunburn and skin cancer
• Affect biodiversity and ecosystems
• Lead to eye disorders

Loss of natural habitat

The construction area has a huge impact on natural habitats everywhere. Building roads, railways, canals, airports and buildings all go on some form of habitat; these habitats have to be destroyed to make way for new developments. As the populations increases so has the need for industry, agriculture and housing. This means more habitats have to be destroyed to keep up with the needs of the population. The loss of habitats also affects biodiversity. The loss of natural habitats in one area may...