Unit 301: Understanding the principles and practices of assessment

  Assessment Route Summary This assessment route is intended for those who wish to gain an understanding of the principles and practices of assessment without any requirement to practice as assessors. This assessment route encompasses the following learning outcomes;     * understand the principles and requirements of assessment     * understand different types of assessment method     * understand how to plan assessment     * understand how to involve learners and others in assessment     * understand how to make assessment decisions     * understand quality assurance of the assessment process     * understand how to manage information relating to assessment     * understand the legal and good practice requirements in relation to assessment. There are no performance requirements in this assessment route. |

Please answer the following 25 questions

Section 1

Understand the principles and requirements of assessment.

  1. Explain the functions of assessment in learning and development?

The functions of assessment within learning and development is to compare a candidates knowledge and performance against an agreed criteria for the task being undertaken.   This would include :
  * An assessment of the candidate current knowledge and expertise regarding the task.
  * To provide a format which can be easily support the data/information being collated.
  * To identify any areas where the candidate may require additional training.
  * To ensure that the current training is being understood and implemented and that the training is meeting the needs of the persons being trained.

  2. Define the key concepts and principles of assessment?

The key concepts and principles of assessment are validity, fairness, reliability sufficiency authenticity and currency.
  * Validity – This relates to format that the assessment takes and should be directly related to the task being assessed....