Activity 2
This Assignment will Reflect on my support and Leadership given to a student in my clinical area. In accordance with the NMC (2008) code of professional conduct, Confidentiality will be maintained and all names will be kept anonymous.
Leadership is the process of   influencing others toward goal achievement, it is also the process of persuasion and by example in which an individual induces another, to take action that is in accord with the leader purpose or the shared purpose of all.
Support often suggest a comfortable helping relationship where one is guided and suggests a role that is encouraging, motivating and empowering relationship between two practitioners, one usually being more experienced and senior to the one being supported, Ghaye and lilyman (2008).
However, leadership is like a role modelling which is a key part in Learning in practice, Bulman an Schutz (2013) A lay man says leadership is by exam[ple   as one tends to led where others emulate from such experiences especially in the nursig profession.
Mentors are accountable to the NMC for their decision that students are fit for practice and that they have necessary knowledge, skills and competence to take on the role of registered nurse or midwife (NMC, 2008a). According to Morton &Palmer (2000), mentors should display positive role modelling behaviours on duty. This gives the student the opportunity to observe the role modelling behaviours in action. When mentoring, nurses play a vital part in quality assurance by contributing to the educational audit of placement (Royal College of Nursing 2007).
I have been given a role of a co mentor of a 3rd year student. The student has been working alongside myself and her sign off mentor who is more senior than I am. In order for me to develop an effective mentor student relationship, On my students first day , I First of orientated her to the ward. I gave her a detailed orientation of the unit and provided her with an induction pack. Recent...