Review and evaluate the assessment methods and processes used in the teaching sector


For most teachers assessment serves the purpose of grading the attainment of learning and gives an indication of the need for intervention to target weakness. Assessment measures the effectiveness of teaching and helps set goals   for learning.

1. Review the assessment methods available in teaching

Assessment processes are controversial. In his book ‘Teaching Today’, Geoff Petty (2001), supports this view.   Not all learning is easily measurable, which may result in not all learning being accurately assessed. Sometimes the results of assessment can cause students to become de-motivated if they fall below the level of their peers.
G. Petty (1993) page 337
Despite the many arguments for and against, assessment remains an integral part of out society for many different purposes and is currently highly depended upon within our educational structure.

For the purpose of this assignment I shall consider some of the assessments that are used within the field of Further Education generally.

Prior assessment
These are assessments that are carried out before a course of learning is agreed or under-taken e.g. Entrance tests, interviews, accredited prior learning, references from employers and schools, diagnostic assessment.

Norm-referenced assessment
Compares students with each over, and rewards the best. The marks show how the student does compared with the norm, or average, for all the students (Norm-referenced assessment only works effectively for examinations with at least a few hundred students).        

Criterion referenced assessment
Determines learning objectives mastered without comparing with others, awarding a pass if they can do it, and a fail if they cannot.  
This method of assessment is only reliable if the criteria are well defined.
Criterion referenced assessment is the method used where the recording of learning...