Assessment Types

Assignment 1 Part 1
What role does assessment play in learning and development?  Explain the responsibilities expected of you as an assessor and any rules and regulations which apply directly to your own area of practice.
What role does assessment play in learning and development?
Assessment plays a vital role in learning and development as it is the mechanism of monitoring the development by collecting evidences and giving feedback on these evidences. Assessment is a tool of performance accountability for a learning to find where he/she stands abilities wise and what the grey areas are, where more work is needed.
Assessment is the part of learning process and is tightly interconnected with curriculum and instruction. Mainly targets are set after going through the assessment process even it is an initial assessment or summative assessment. Assessment helps teachers to find or have insight; what students learned from their instructions and how to plan instructions for future. This is also a phenomenon of judging any country’s education quality and standard. Assessment is a motivational drive that exerts learners to work and improve skills.
Responsibilities of assessor:
Assessing someone’s work is not easy job, it requires and demands knowledge, skills for for quick observations, monitoring all aspects and collecting evidences for analysis and compiling the analysis into information or judgment available to learner. The following areas should be considered and assessors should be responsible
  1. Carry out the assessment: This phase requires that assessor should know and must have skills for deciding what areas and skills should be assessed and how to make sure that the assessment is valid and inline with the assessment standard documents.
  2. Undertake the assessment and ensuring the provided evidence is according to the assessment specification.
  3. Provided the unbiased and objective feedback to the learner about the performance and...