Assessment of Training Materials

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Contents 2

Introduction 3

Assessment of Training Materials Suitability 3

  Description of Training 3

  Course Content 3

  Purpose of Training 3

  Training Objectives 3

  Training Room Requirements 4

  Access to the Isotrak System 4

  Training PC’s 4

  Projector 4

  Portable Training Units 4

  User Guides / Quick Reference Guides 4

  How to assess which materials are most suitable 4

  Power Point Presentation 5

Monitoring and Reviewing Learners Progress in the Session 5

  General Questions 5

  Group Discussions 5

  Trainees Train Back 5

  Quizzes 5

Changes and Development in Technology and E-Learning 5

  Technology 5

  E-learning 6


Changes are taking place in society, particularly in higher education. The explosion of knowledge and information technology has virtually altered the characteristics of the learning environment, paving the way for new learning experiences (Chutima Sacchanand 2000)

Assessment of Training Materials Suitability

Before each training session is planned, I visit the customer to discuss requirements and Isotrak functionality; this gives me the opportunity to understand how Isotrak will fit into the customers operation, terminology used by the customer, who will be attending the training, anybody with learning difficulties, language barriers, disabilities and food allergies.

Once i have obtained the relevant information, I will then produce a training plan, see Appendix A; the plan includes:

    • Description of training
    • Course content
    • Purpose of training
    • Training objectives

Description of Training

The description includes how the training will be delivered and what will be expected of each of the attendees

Course Content...