Assessment of an Organization

Assessment of an Organization
Carolyn Osmanski
Capella University
This paper will review an organization and the diverse populations it serves, including the cost for services. Who is eligible for services, role in prevention, education on mental health, wellness, the diverse populations, intervention, consultation, advocacy, and the diverse populations it serves. This paper will identify and discuss a public policy, how well the organization manifests cultural competence and if this organization be placed on the continuum of cultural competence. This writer will explore her role in advocating for and enhancing the cultural proficiency of the organization if she was to be hired. Finally, two changes with respect to the cultural competence would she want to see as a counselor at this organization.

Assessment of an Organization
    Choice’s Group Inc. is a substance use treatment facility that works with those who have a criminal record. They provide Intensive Outpatient, Outpatient, Impulse Control Groups, Relapse Groups, Grief and Loss Groups, and Co-Occurring Groups. The population that they serve are those who are in the court system such as Felony Drug Court, DUI court, Child Protective Services (CPS) court, Federal Parole clients, Veterans Court, Child Support court, and Juvenile Drug court (Eno, 2014).
    Those who are eligible for services are those who are involved in the court system, however they do provide services to those who are self-pay clients who need treatment because they have criminal convictions. Those who are not involved in the court system is referred out to other agencies (Eno, 2014).      
    This organization does not provide services do provide services to immigrants, however clients are required to be legal. They do not provide services to those who have insurance, this organization is strictly funded by the courts, however will begin accepting Medicaid clients. Choices Group is working toward those who have...