Assessment Case Study

Assessment Case Studies
As a teacher you may have to conduct various assessments to determine how your students are learning in the classroom environment.   Assessments occurs from the time students walk in the door until they leave to go home.   Teachers are assessing social skills, student’s abilities and knowledge; they are not just assessing what is being taught in a lesson plan.
Case Study One
Eileen has assigned her class a final project where they must teach an assigned concept through a two minute presentation.   In order for each student to be successful at this assignment Eileen should develop a scoring rubric that will be used to assess each student fairly and in accordance with the standards.   She should give a copy of the rubric to her students.   Eileen may choose to use the following rubric.   The rubric is very basic with her objectives for the assignment.   She would have to explain to her students each category.
Basic (1) Proficient (2) Above Proficient (3) Distinguish (4)
Definition of concept
Uses examples
Uses real world situations
Speaks for at least two minutes

Next she may want to provide examples of final projects to give students an idea of what she is looking for and how they can complete the project.   She should be able to show students an example of each type of project (Basic, Proficient, and Distinguish).   Lastly she will want to provide parents with the same information through either a class newsletter or a parent note.   Her communication with the parents will allow her to explain the expectation of the project and how they can help their child succeed in the completion of the project.
If Eileen uses the above rubric she will be able to assess each presentation fairly and the standards established for the project.   She will also be able to give each student feedback on their presentation along with feedback about each set objective for the project.
Case Study Two
Kate, a Kindergarten teacher near Boston,...