Assessment and Planning with Children and Young People

1.1 Explain the value of a child centred model of assessment and planning.

The value of child centred assessment ensures a holistic view of the chid, it is about the needs of the child and how it would benefit the child’s overall development, socially, emotionally physically, intellectually and morally.

1.2 Explain how to identify the needs of children and young people.

Children and young peoples (C&YP) needs can be identified through observation, the C&YP, talking to parents and families, social workers, GPs, teachers, visiting the school and seeking information from other agencies involved in the care of the C&YP’S. By gathering information from others will enable an accurate assessment in meeting the needs for the C&YP. At Breakaway we identify the needs of the C&YP by receiving a client referral form from the social worker which will include all vital information about the child. We then speak to parents who will complete a THIS IS ME with a member of staff, this gives a pen picture of the C&YP’s likes, dislikes, needs, abilities, behaviour and temperament, communication methods, support needed and any additional needs. A risk assessment will be put in place from information gained and by continuous observation of the C&YP any of this information can be changed when necessary but it is policy at Breakaway to update these on a yearly basis. Identifying needs sits within a framework of other local and national policies and procedures to improve outcomes for children:
The children Act 2004
Every child matters
National service framework for children
What to do if you think a child is being abused
The breaks for carers for disabled children regulations 2010
The children’s plan 2007
Parenting support strategies
Child protection
Local safeguarding children’s board procedures
Slough prevention and early intervention strategy

1.3 Explain the importance of working with others to assess the needs of children and young people to inform planning....