Assessment and Learning

Assessment and learning
Assignment 1

Student results are used to review the quality and standards of teaching within the college.   My students do a Btec level 2 which is graded from a pass to distinction based on the level of criteria the student achieve during each assignment. The students also do an NVQ in sport excellence.   This is also graded from a pass to distinction depending on the quality of work provided through the year.   The students Btec work is marked by me using the criteria which has been set by Btec.   Each assignment is marked and then an overall grade is give to each unit which has been studied.   The students work is also marked by an internal verifier who ensures I am marking the work correctly and giving the grades in accordance to the standards which are set by Btec.   This verification also ensures that all teachers are marking consistently at the same level in the same course in different lessons.   The college use these pass grades and course completion rates to assess the quality of teaching in the college so if the grades start to slip the college can give assistance to the teachers where necessary.   The college also use these grades and pass rates to market the college and maintain the profile of the courses within the college.   The course work is also externally verified by Btec to ensure the college marks work to the same standard as other colleges in the country this means that anyone who passes the course will be consistent with others in the country.
The college runs a SAR which the teacher can use to review the students progress through the year.   The success rates of each student is important to the college as it shows that the standards are consistent and the pass rates will be achieved at the end of the year.   If a teacher feels that students are not going to achieve the necessary standards the heads of department will have to look at the scheme of work and how the lessons are being implemented.   The college will assist with...