Assess the Extent to Which Each of the Four East Asian Countries Have the Characteristics of Superpowers

A superpower is a very powerful and influential nation. This influence can take many forms. With thing such as political, social, cultural and economic power. There are also groupings for a power that a country has such as soft and hard power. These things are all very important when considering how influential and powerful a country is.

North Korea is an one of the least globalised countries in the world. This automatically puts North Korea at a disadvantage when compared to other East Asian countries. When it comes to hard power North Korea is hard to match. It has an abnormally large military force for a country with 24.9 million at 1,190,000 active personal, the 5th largest in the world. Whilst North Korea is doing well when it comes to hard power, it’s soft power still leaves something to be desired. The impoverished state that the population lives in, constantly facing

China is objectively the most powerful Superpower in not only East Asia, but also a major contender on the global scene as well. With its mix of both soft and hard power, it is a force to be second with. For example China has the ‘Peoples Liberation Army’, which is the second largest military budget in the world. It has a total of 2,285,000 active personal at one time. In terms of soft power it also has the largest GDP in the world, at $18.976 trillion. This gives China a large influence over the world economy, as shown recently when China dropped of its demand of raw materials and the global prices plummeted and caused many winning countries to suffer heavy losses in revenue. However there are still areas of influence in which China is lacking. One of the most obvious is the cultural influence that it has on the rest of the world, even though they have got the largest population in the world at 1,339,724,852. They have very little cultural influence due to the isolationist stance that its government has taken to communication with outsiders. Things such as the ‘Great Fire Wall of China’...