Assess Learners Needs Assignment 101

Assignment 101: Assess learner’s needs
Karen Bryant
Due date 24th November 2006

Word Count: 1695

Which comes first the assessment or the plan? chicken or egg?   In teaching it is upheld that there is no first and last, but that the assessment and consequent planning are part of a continuous cycle if the teaching is to be effective. This is a point clearly made by Honey and Mumford (1985) in their learning cycle.   It claims
A cycle of:
                        Taking action
          /                                         \
Planning for next time seeing results
                        \                                           /
Thinking about results

My Learners.
The set of learners I intend to teach as part of my practice are: four female students who attend the National Star College this current year.   They all are in residence at Overton House in Cheltenham, a hall of residence within Cheltenham Town centre with good access to local facilities.   All the students have been accepted onto courses at the main College and have been through assessments prior to and whilst at College. All students by attending the National Star College have a physical disability or acquired brain injury.   They are all in their second or third year at college and return home during the holidays.   They are all planning to find their own independent accommodation when they leave college (with appropriate support in place).   The course I will offer will offer the opportunity to learn more about everyday living skills and knowledge they may need to live independently.
I am planning to use   a variety of teaching methods including discussion, practical tasks, and quizzes/ questionnaires.     The course content will be flexible and responsive to the needs of the students and there will be some space to develop the course to the students’ own identified needs.
As this is not a part of the curriculum there will be no formal certificated reward for any gain of...