2 Be able to make assessment decisions about occupational competence

Use valid, fair and reliable assessment methods

# Observation of performance in the work environment
# examining products of work
# questioning the learner
# discussing with the learner
# Use of others (witness testimony)
# looking at learner statements
# recognising prior learning
The types of activities assessor-candidates will be involved in include, Preparing the assessment of occupational competence.
Carrying out assessment and make decisions about occupational competence, Providing information following the assessment of occupational Competence. Maintaining legal and good practice when assessing occupational competence.
Competence of the candidate in their work environment using a set of standards
such as those provided by a national awarding/standard setting.
candidate’s performance will be assessed   through   observation, questioning and inspection of his or her products of work. Examples of   work products would include:
Pre-assessment planning documentation. Assessment plans that have been agreed with candidates
Observation reports and other assessment records used in the assessment process
Feedback records you have used to convey progress/achievement to candidates
records capturing the standardisation process
self-evaluation/development/CPD records ●You carry out the observation without intruding on your

●You are assessing the outcomes and criteria agreed in your assessmen
t plan.
●The evidence you agreed with your candidate in the assessment plan is appropriate and enables him or her to address the agreed criteria.
●You carry out the observation without intruding on your candidate’s   capacity to perform naturally.
●You can deal effectively with a situation where the observation does   not go to plan.
● If needed, you can adjust the assessment methods to give your   candidate a chance to meet the agreed criteria, within the awarding organization...