Assesment 2 the Big Five Agreeable

Second Assessment Team Personality Traits
Elizabeth Pacheco
October 29, 2012
Professor Johnson

The second assessment being agreeable is when a person is friendly, cooperative, trusting and warm anything below that dimension are cold, cruel and unkind. Before even taking a test to verify I thought as my self being very agreeable for the reason that I am friendly towards people when I feel my heart is right, I tend to try to be cooperative, and I'm very trusting and warm towards my friends. When taking the test of the Big Five personality factors for agreeable it turn out for me that I could be   very friendly but also relatively direct. In general, my   interested in people and their motives, but can also be business-like. When I do things, I am guided by rationale on the one hand and the circumstances on the other. This means that I can take the feelings of others into account, but can also be relatively direct and less diplomatic. As a result, people will consider me to be both friendly and direct. In other words: a person who is not afraid to say what needs saying, but who is also able to do so in a friendly manner. I tend to   get along well with people who are nice but also capable of standing up for themselves. As long as they are not arrogant or individualistic.

Big 5’ Aspects of Personality 2012
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