Asking Your Boss for a Raise.

Asking your boss for a raise doesn’t have to be painful if you plan the
conversation well, using several simple but effective techniques. These
techniques will increase your chances of success and give you a blueprint
for making the request professionally.
First, think about how you will introduce the subject when you talk
with your boss. You must ask for the raise; don’t expect your employer to
take the initiative. Before you confront your employer, stand in front of the
mirror and rehearse, “I deserve a raise.” Never say, “May I have a raise?”
“Could I have a raise?” or “Is it time for my raise?” Always say, “I deserve
a raise.” You need to believe that before you can convince your employer.
Then, make a list of the reasons why you deserve a raise. Write down
exactly what you have done to deserve the raise. Use concrete, observable
achievements that cannot be disputed, and be ready with specifi c
examples. If a dollar value in savings to the company has resulted from
your work, make sure you have documentation confi rming this.
Also, consider the amount you will ask for. Always ask for more than
you think you deserve. The key word here is more. Rehearse this higher
amount while standing in front of a mirror so that you won’t hesitate or
stutter when you ask your boss for the raise. Too many people ask for a
modest raise, unaware that this simple request may have negative side effects.
When a worker asks for an unusually small raise, the employer has
a tendency to devalue the employee, in the same way that people may be
skeptical about buying something that is priced too low.
When your plan is ready, make an appointment to meet with your boss.
If you give well-documented reasons why you are valuable to the company,
your boss may see you in a new, more positive light. You may not get quite
as much as you requested, but your boss is likely to act in some way on the
new, positively revised image of you as an employee. Your plan will allow...