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Unit 6 Assignment
Multinational Organization
Escale Cintron

Running Header: Unit 6 Assignment

Escale Cintron
Professor Ileana Felipe
September 10, 2011

                In the following essay I will be identifying the cultural differences between the United States and the selected country I had chosen. I will be identifying the potential markets in each country and how I would select virtual teams’ members in the target country. I will compare two different countries against the U.S.

                The countries I had chosen to compare to the Unites States are Poland and Czech Republic. I will compare their culture differences with business involvement. I chose three different virtual teams to help me. Team A is Kwintessential, team B is Global Edge and team C is Martin-Frost. Each team will be assigned to research one of the countries listed above. Team A will be researching about Poland culture, team B will research on Czech Republic and team C will research on the United States. After their done their research I will than compare the difference between these country and the United States.
          The first team we will start off with will be Team A which is Kwintessential website. In their finding about Poland culture are the following: Poland is located at the Central of Europe, the capital of this country is Warsaw. Population in that area is about 38,518,214 since July 2007.   The religions there are Roman Catholic 89.8%, Eastern Orthodox 1.3%, Protestant 0.3%, and other 0.3%. The country government is Republic. The official language at Poland is Polish it is spoken by about 38 million inhabitants at Poland. Polish is ethnically homogeneous, but Ukrainian, Belorussian, Slovakian, and Lithuanian reside along the borders of Poland. Their religion is important to the Polish society and their holiday is considered national holidays when most of their businesses are closed. They celebrate Christmas for...