Ash Psy 303 Week 5 Assignment Final Paper

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For your Final Paper, select one of the following disorders to investigate:
1. Repressed memories
2. Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD)
3. Coprolalia
4. Wendigo Psychosis
5. Gambling
6. Stockholm Syndrome
7. Diogenes Syndrome
Present a thorough overview of the chosen disorder.  Your audience has no prior knowledge of this disorder; therefore, be sure your explanations are relevant to your audience.  When writing your paper, it is critical that you convey all the necessary information in a straightforward manner using non-technical language.  Support your analysis with at least five scholarly, peer-reviewed sources (not including the course text) that were published within the last five years.  Your Final Paper must include the following:
1. Define the disorder and its main symptoms.
2. Describe who is most likely to have this disorder with regard to age, gender, social class and ethnicity.  
3. Summarize the risk factors (biological, psychological, and/or social) for this disorder.
4. Describe the relationship between this disorder and other disorders.
5. Evaluate recommended treatments for the disorder and the likelihood of success or possible outcomes for each treatment.
6. List five references (include both print and web-based) that would provide more information for individuals with this disorder.  Give the
  citation for the source as well as a two to three sentence description for each resource.  This list of support resources will not count
 toward the required resources for your paper.
7. Apply what you have learned throughout the course from this assignment to your career (present and future).  What information have
  you found to be the most useful or relevant?   
The paper must be eight to ten pages (excluding title and reference pages) and include a minimum of five scholarly, peer reviewed sources that were...