Ash Hca 459 Week 3 Senior Project Progress Report

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Senior Project Progress Report. Complete a one- to two-page report on the progress you have made to date on your Senior Project. Your report and any citations used must be in APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. Your progress report should cover the following:
1. Topic: Identify the topic that you have selected for your project and provide a brief explanation for why you have chosen this topic to address.
2. Organization: Provide a brief overview of the health care organization that you have selected for your project including a summary of the challenges and/or opportunities the organization is currently facing. How will your training be aligned to help the organizational leaders manage this challenge/opportunity?
3. Methods: What methods will you use to gather information on your client organization and the problem it is facing? You are welcome to use as many research methods as possible to obtain information for and about your organization and its managers (e.g., web-based resources, electronic articles, or personal interviews). The more informed you are, the better prepared you will be to complete your project.
4. Training: Identify the audience for your training program and provide a brief outline of the topics it will address. In your outline, include a minimum of three to five learning outcomes that are targeted for your identified audience. Specifically, what do you want your audience to know and/or be able to do after they have completed the training? How does this training program align with the overall challenges and/or opportunities that the organization is facing? Overall, how will the training program benefit the organization? 

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