Ash Hca 375 Week 5 Assignment Research Paper

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The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services C.M.S. began phasing in its value-based purchasing program in 2007. Value based purchasing links payment directly to the quality of care provided. It is one strategy being used by C.M.S. to transform the current payment system by rewarding providers for delivering high quality, efficient clinical care.
There are three aspects to the program: patient experience, hospital-acquired conditions and achievement of expected treatment for specific clinical diagnoses. 
Select one of the following hospital-acquired conditions:
1.  Surgical site infection 
2.  Pressure Ulcers 
3.  Catheter-associated urinary tract infections 
4.  Harm related to falls 
For your Final Paper:
1.  Include a brief discussion of the chosen hospital-acquired condition and why it is considered preventable.
2.  Explain the legal implications related to a patient developing the condition and the role that disclosure plays.
3.  Describe accreditation expectations related to this condition.
4.  Analyze the outcomes of continuous quality monitoring consider cost as it relates to quality.
The following questions and/or topics should be utilized in the development of your Final Paper: 
Hospital acquired conditions:
1.  What is meant by the term “hospital acquired condition”?
2.  Is the condition you selected always preventable? Why or why not?
3.  How does reducing or preventing this condition indicate quality healthcare practices?
Legal implications:
1.  What role does communication between the healthcare team and the patient/family play in preventing this condition?
2.  Why might a healthcare provider be reluctant to discuss the development of this condition with the patient and family?
3.  What are the potential ramifications of not discussing the development of this condition with the patient and family?