Ash Com 200 Week 2 Quiz

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1.        Question :        Americans tend to look at others above the neck or below the knees. Looking at other parts of a person’s body is considered impolite, while looking at anyone for more than three to five seconds can be interpreted as staring.
 2.        Question :        Children often learn to send messages using ________________ before they learn to speak.
 3.        Question :        Language performs a ________________, which means it allows you to explore and investigate the world, solve problems, and learn from your discoveries and experiences.
 4.        Question :        Using racial slurs constitutes ________________.
 5.        Question :        At one time the word man was considered a generic word that referred to all humans. Today, such usage is considered ________________ that excludes individuals on the basis of gender.
 6.        Question :        Like other languages, English is not growing and evolving. It is complete and now must be mastered.
 7.        Question :        The part of the body where emotions are primarily expressed is a person’s _____________, although other nonverbal channels such as vocal sounds, posture, and hand gestures can contribute infor-mation about the intensity of the emotion.
 8.        Question :        One reason language is so powerful is that it is the means by which you construct your reality.
 9.        Question :        The term ________________ describes a wide range of common and nonstandard English, including jargon, colloquialisms, idioms, and slang.
 10.      Question :        ________________ is the specialized or technical language of a specific group or pro¬fession that may not be understood by outsiders.

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