Team Trust
MGT 521
Feb-14, 2011
Susan, Jones

Team Trust
In the business and MBA program a team is extremely important to success. Building a team is easy but hard to build a successful team. To build a successful team, requirement follows, and one of them is team trust. The team trust key to a successful team author Wright stated “A team that builds its harmony on trust enjoys the ease and enthusiasm that bring success. In fact, that trust-foundation makes the harmony all the sweeter”. (Wright, 2005, Paragraph 7) However, questions remaining about trust come assumed or trust has to be earned. Also sentences with trust are not a thing that remains constant, trust can be broken. To clarify above question analyzing and find the ways to keep trust among the team members are required
Earning the Trust
Trust most important ingredient in team, without the trust team will be torn apart. Trust cannot be assumed or automatically earned only by gathering the group. Trusts have [to be earned by author Write "you cannot assume that trust develops naturally as part of the team's personality”.   (Wright, 2005, Paragraph 9) To earn a trust between members showing dedication, responsibility, communication, and more are needed. For example members can earn trust simply by keeping the meeting time. Above example illustrate team a member has responsibility. Showing the responsibility is one way to earn trust. Also, group members have to be fair and have chance to express him or herself if member does not or lack to express him or herself than member cannot earn trust from the group. In addition if he or she does not know the answer to the question he or she have to asks other team members for a help. Do not pretend him or she   knows the answer to it. “Admitting you don’t know something is a sign of strength, not weakness. Also consider that, as a manager, if I know you will admit when you don’t know, I am actually more likely to entrust you with something that...