"Evaluate the influence of traditional myths, on the daily practice of the religions you have studied."
The two myths that I have studied over the past week were the creation stories of both the Christian and Islamic religion. These two myths are almost identical with each other despite the fact that they come from two different biblical texts; The Quaran is the central religious text of Islam, and the Bible is the collection of texts that are sacred to Christians. Both these creation stories are only believable to a certain extent; this is because both stories start off with a God coming into existence out of thin air, as well as creating an entire planet out of thin air as well. But this is only my opinion, and my opinion has been influenced and swayed by the ever increasing scientific knowledge, such as the Big Bang and Charles Darwin’s evolution theory of how man involved from apes.
The Bible: (Six days of Creation: Genesis)
Day 1 starts off with God creating the heavens and the earth. Christians refer to "heaven" as everything beyond the earth. So far, Earth has been created and nothing but water exists on the planet. God then creates light, and divided the light from the darkness. After doing so, he called the light, Day, and the darkness, Night.
On the second day, God creates the sky, which is referred to as a firmament in the Bible. The sky is a boundary that separates the water upon the surface and the moisture in the air, so in other words, God created the atmosphere.
God creates dry land on the third day. The ground was named "land" and is what we now refer to as continents and islands. And the large bodies of water surrounding these lands were named "seas". After creating the land and the sea, God also created a foundational environment which were filled with plant life, ranging from all kinds of sizes and species.
On the fourth day, God created all the stars and heavenly bodies that will help mankind use it "for signs, and for seasons, and...