The system aims to provide the guests the accurate and efficient transactions to the management.
The study may help the beneficiaries to know the reliability of the Offline Scheduling system rather than using log books.
The reservations to be made by the guests will be based on the size of the room.
The following hypotheses are formulated for acceptance or rejection of study:
  1. The conversion from manual to computerize process does not affect accessibility of information needed by the business.
  2. Sensitive information related to finance and user information that will be stored in the system will not be readily available to user that doesn’t have an admin account.
  3. Technology knowledge of target users would not have a direct effect on the system itself and will be covered through the course of this research.
Offline Scheduling System for the Reservation of the Guests in Tropic Hide Away Year 2015 – 2016.
Tropic Hide Away Personnel/Staff
Reservation of the Guests through Offline Scheduling System of Tropic Hide Away
and add
to a database for recording of
As the statement above,
Based on the statement above,
From Radnai and Kingham (2013) “The purpose of the system must therefore be fully defined. Equally, the user must possess the necessary programming skills that will be demanded by the system or arrangements must be made for appropriate training.” The user must learn how to use the offline scheduling system. The user will not take long to use the offline scheduling system, but instead, it will lessen the time spent of the user.
As per Central for Chemical Process Safety (2010) “A variety of computerized document management systems is available on the market to handle data and records, to distribute information and to allow communication with all required parties.” One of the advantages of offline scheduling system is that it allows the user to view, search, delete, and edit data and records in a small amount of time, instead of...