By: Tasnia Chowdhury The art form of Pointillism is a vibrant art form, branched
off from the impressionism movement. What it can be described as is a technique of painting in which very small dots or dashes of color are added to a canvas to create an image. With this techniques the viewer views the image, and the brain blends the colors to form a picture.

The creator of this technique was Georges Seurat; circa
1886. This art form was develop exclusively by Georges Seurat. But was later on used by other artists who were influenced; such as Paul Signac, John Roy, Henri-Edmond Cross, as well as the famous Vincent Van Gogh. Andy Warhol, a modern day artist can be noted as another user of pointillism.

The form of impressionism is really different from using
a palette and blending hues. This art form uses the basic primary and secondary colors, such as red, blue, green, yellow, etc. Not only limited to those stated before, colors such as cyan, magenta, and others are used as well. This art form is relevant to computer monitors and television screens. They use RGB, also known as red, green, and blue. The monitors also used many pixels that are pigments to form images on your television set or on computer monitor.


think we should thank Seurat for technique, because

without the ingenious art form he had patented, we would probably not be able to see the images on our monitors and computer screens. That simple pleasure we have of using technology would cease to exist. That all of gadgets and gizmo’s wouldn’t exist. Those things like Televisions, computer monitors, cellular phones and other devices that use a screen to project images use this simple artform to project the images we need to make this devices work. so yes, we should thamk Seurat for the devollopment of this

art form, becuase without pointillismm, we wouldn’t have those luxuries above.