Asd Children and Bullying: What Are Schools and Parents Doing for Prevention?

ASD Children and Bullying: What are Schools and Parents Doing for Prevention?
Samantha Edmondson
December 07, 2014
Carla Papenfuse

ASD Children and Bullying: What are Schools and Parents Doing for Prevention?
Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD, children are considered to be the biggest target of bullying among any group of children, especially those with a developmental disorder or delay. Bullying can happen at school and can make it difficult to stay focused on their education. ASD children can sometimes be the victim of bullying without showing any significant signs because they can be confused and take these types of actions as friendship. Parents and schools need to watch out for any warning signs associated with their child’s behavior for this reason. A six year old child named Aiden suffers from ASD, along with severe cognitive delays, a serious language disorder, and sensory integration disorder. He was a victim of bullying while riding the bus home from school by another child that would punch him, choke him, cuss at him, and call him really terrible names. He did not show any signs as far as his behavior went, but he started asking his mother daily if she would pick him up from school. After two months, she began to ask him why he no longer wanted to ride the bus. Because of his developmental delays, he did not know or understand how to tell his mother what was going on. It was finally brought to the mother’s attention by Aiden’s brother. He explained that yes, Aiden was being a victim of bullying. Since children with ASD are at a greater risk of being bullied, parents and schools need to work together on prevention of this issue.
Parents and schools need to prevent the issue of bullying for ASD children because they are at a greater risk than other developmentally delayed children. Children with ASD have more of a chance of being bullied because of their difficulties in making and keeping friends, and how well they interact socially with...